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Bull in a china shop" is an English idiom that, in its most traditional sense, refers to a person who's clumsy and tends to knock issues over. The which means is derived from the fact that a bull would be expected to shatter the entire fine glasses, dishes, and other china if it had been actually in such a store. This phrase has also taken on a more metaphorical that means that refers to clumsiness in any aspect of life. Thus, a "bull in a china store" may be anybody who acts in a thoughtless or careless manner.
The phrase ‘like a Bull in a China Shop’ is first recorded to have been used within the 1834 novel entitled Jacob Faithful, and written by Frederick Marryat (1792-1848). The novel is a few young boy rising into a superb man. Often the phrase refers to a fragile situation being roughly taken care of. Its origin is believed to have associated to the bringing of cattle to market in London within the seventeenth century, and occasionally, one getting free and inflicting havoc to the nearby shops. It is easy to imagine the bull in a spinning high’s movements.

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